Vegan or not vegan… that is the question that many people ask about honey.  I think honey is a personal choice, since honey is made by bees and not from bees.  If I were cooking for a vegan, the answer is no.  Personally I refrain from using honey… but I don’t really have a problem with it either.  (Honestly, just how bees make honey really grosses me out!) I am all for the fact that it is a natural sweetener and  it seems that honey can be obtained without harming bees… but as always in life, I’m sure there are some exceptions where it could be argued otherwise.

I have allowed my daughter to have some hot tea with local honey in it on occasion when she had a sore throat.  I think that it is a wonderful thing to use herbs and things obtained from the earth for healing  purposes… anything natural is always best.  But don’t forget that honey is not to be given to a child under the age of one!

When cooking, I tend to replace honey in recipes with real maple syrup or amber agave nectar.


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