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Happy Vegan Cinco de Mayo

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo which means most of you are probably getting together for a good time in one way or another.  We like to have a vegan taco night at our house once a week or so… it’s one of our favorite (& easiest) dinners!   My kids are extremely fond of dipping chips into refried beans and guacamole.  They could literally make a meal of that if I let them! Their favorite tacos are simple soft-shelled tacos with beans &  lettuce with a mild sauce, or burritos with the same filling.  I usually like throwing a few more veggies (like olives green pepper & onions) & rice into my burritos… and sometimes tofu!

Most store-bought guacamole and tortilla chips are vegan – just read the ingredients!  I prefer to buy organic when possible.

This meal is a good example of something quick (and mostly store-bought) that you can easily throw together. It can be made start to finish in under 20 minutes. If you have extra time, it is nice to make beans & rice or some kind of  pan-fried tofu cubes to add some home-made quality to this meal. If you are lucky, you can go outside and pluck many of these ingredients from your own garden (like lettuce, tomato, onion, green pepper and cilantro) or get them from your local farmers market.

Making tacos is such a deliciously easy way celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I think most of these brands should be easily found in your grocery store, some (or all) items maybe found in the “healthy” section. 

If you can find this stuff, you will quickly be in vegan taco heaven!

My favorite taco shells are made by Bearitos.  They have blue or yellow corn taco shells. We also use their vegetarian refried beans.  The low-fat and the fat-free are both great!   Fantastic Foods makes a “taco filling” that I absolutely love – It comes in a box and you simply mix it with water. Easy and yummy!

And who can eat tacos without sour cream? Not me! I like Tofutti brand the best. 

Best store-bought vegan sour cream ever!

If you are a lover of cheese… shredded Vegan Gourmet cheddar or Daiya cheddar are both good for this occasion.

And of coarse, on taco night, frozen margaritas are always a welcome addition to the table! And to keep the kids from feeling left out, you can easily freeze some lemonade in ice-cube trays and blend it up for their very own slushy!

We just had taco night a few nights ago but we are ready to eat it all over again tomorrow! Yum!

Here is the spread from our last taco night fiesta!

Vegan ground beef, refried beans & rice… the base of an excellent taco or burrito.

Oh yeeeaaahhh….