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Happy Day-Before Easter!

I have fond memories of Easter growing up…. (besides going to church) I remember waking up and seeing my wicker basket, in line with my 3 sisters baskets (mine was the one with the pink bow with flowers on it) on the bench in front of the fireplace, totally full of all kinds of deliciousness!  Yes, I feel that my parents seriously  went all out for Easter (thanks guys!). My favorite candies were the big Reces Eggs, but of coarse there were also Peeps, little chocolate eggs, jelly beans galore and who could forget the BIG SOLID CHOCOLATE  BUNNY!  Yes, I still celebrate my vegan Easter the same way – with lots of chocolate!

A vegan easter requires a bit of extra planning, however.  Unfortunately, if you want the really good stuff, you will most likely have to order online… and early.  I was lucky to find several small basket-stuffing goodies at the local Earthfare, but you can only go so far with lollipops, gummy bunnies, Mambas and Starburst jellybeans, unless you want to go for a basket full of full size chocolate bars.  (Hmmm… I could live with that!)  So my #1 rule is: You have to order chocolate early. (Geez, I guess I’m a little late in letting you know… sorry! I’ll remind you earlier next year!)  You should note that most of the small individually wrapped chocolates that are easter-basket friendly go first.  #2 – You’ve got to find a place close enough to get the chocolate shipped to you with reasonable shipping charges and without it melting.  Many of the best sites I saw with lots of variety were based in California, and unless I wanted to overnight it to Georgia (for $30), I wouldn’t guarantee it would make it here before melting, so just remember: the closer you find the chocolate the better.  Especially if its warm in your area. And pay the extra $5 for the ice pack/box to guarantee a safe arrival! It’s worth it.

You can just type in “vegan easter candy” into your browser to find many sites offering vegan chocolate and gelatin-free candies.

Here is a great list of basket-fillers fit for vegans that you can find almost anywhere! Vegan Candy

Here is another fun site The Natural Candy Store

This is where we ordered most chocolates from this year! Amandas Own (which is based in Ohio).

And another great store in West Virginia Rose City Chocolates

I really wanted to have made something to share for an Easter recipe, but I just feel like I lost track of time this week!  Sorry! We were planning on leaving the Easter bunny a carrot tonight, but maybe I will end up making him some carrot cake instead!

Today is Saturday and the first day of this years Farmers Market. It was great to see all the smiling faces and fresh produce and wonderful live bluegrass music!  We ended up bringing home some homemade soap (from our soap-making friend who sells wonderful soaps and candles Songbird Soap), and zucchini, kale, collards and tomatoes from various local farms.  I can’t wait to see what we end up making with all our veggies!  I just know this is gonna be a great summer.