Eating Out Vegan

There are many places to eat out vegan – keep checking back for my updated on-going list.  I will be always adding more restaurants & pictures!

Eating out vegan is getting easier and easier these days.  Besides going to a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, there are more and more choices for vegan food everywhere! These are currently my favorite (and/or most convenient) places to eat out and about… What are your favorite places to get your veggies?

Mellow Mushroom – now carrying Daiya vegan cheese for your veggie pizzas – YAY! I also love the tempeh and the tofu sandwiches made vegan!   (Gluten free & whole wheat crusts are also available)

The Mega-Veggie with Vegan Cheese

Order your pretzels naked & dip them in marinara... or for a sweet treat, take them home, "butter" them up with some, cinnamon & sugar & dip them in agave nectar or maple syrup! Can you say YUM?!

*** I’d like to also mention that Daiya “cheese” is gluten & soy free!! ***

Your Pie – Daiya Vegan Cheese is available for pizzas, plus you can choose what kind of crust (wheat, gluten-free & more)!  And with a FREE pizza (& outrageously yummy sorbet) for the kids an adult purchase on Monday’s, you gotta love this place!  (I was gonna add a pic but I ate it all up so fast I forgot to take one!)


Little Italy – best pizza in downtown Athens GA, but no vegan cheese available (yet?)… but with pizza THIS tasty, who needs cheese anyway?!

The Grit (only in Athens GA) – hands down my favorite place to eat in Athens GA… Check out their menu at

R.Thomas Deluxe (only in Atlanta GA) – great options for carnivores and veggie lovers.  We pretty much eat here every time we go to Atlanta.

Cafe Sunflower: with two locations in the Atlanta area, you have got to check this place out!  Their menu was fabulous and almost entirely vegan (there were like 5 menu items that contained real cheese though they also use daiya). Their desserts were 100% vegan (& we are talking some rich decadent cakes!) and they even had a raw vegan cheesecake on their specials menu.  We recently discovered this place and it is given our regular fave (R.Thomas) a run for its money!

Big City Bread (only in Athens GA) – serving breakfast lunch & dinner, Big City Bread Cafe usually has a few vegan choices (think muffins or cookies) in their bakery display… The tofu “scramble” for breakfast is delicious. They also have many vegan breads available for purchase.

The delicious tofu scramble breakfast, which also comes with a side of grits (pictured here with their vegan cinnamon raisin bread)

The Taco Stand – My family always enjoys a meal at the Taco Stand.  I know there are 4 locations in Athens GA and one in Alpharetta GA. Not only does the taco stand have tofu and good vegan burritos, they also cater to carnivores.  There are many delicious options so it’s a good place to go for everyone.  I recommend the grilled tofu burrito! Yum! Their guacamole is also vegan and is great to add to any burrito in place of cheese!

Papa Johns – Yes, you can order a cheese-less vegan pizza at Papa Johns as long as you order the original crust or the pan crust (according to their website). This is good to know in case you are on the road. We probably do this 1 or 2 times a year, usually when we are going to a kid’s birthday party. In fact, at the last party, non-vegans were eating the vegan pizza too!  When it’s loaded up with veggies, it looks pretty darn good (esp if you top it off yourself with some vegan daiya or vegan gourmet cheese)!  I always be sure to say to leave off parmesan & butter when ordering, just in case.  The bread sticks and marinara are also vegan.

Subway – So, Subway is not somewhere we eat often, but it IS a place where you can go get a decent veggie sandwich if you are out and about or on the road.  When possible, I bring my own tofurkey, veganaise & soy cheese to add to pump it up a little, or else I’m planning on eating a mustard based veggie sandwich. In my experience, Subway is really nice about changing their gloves and knives if you ask them so they arent cutting/touching your food with meaty/cheesy hands! Plus, I like that they offer Sun Chips, which is a healthier option than potato chips.  Just make sure you get the italian bread, which is dairy-free according to their website.


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