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Baby Shower Love

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days¬†ūüė¶ My sisters baby shower was¬†at my house this past Sunday, of which we had been preparing¬†for for several days beforehand!¬†To those of you who are not familiar with hosting a party, that means lots of¬†extra cleaning and food & decoration planning/preparing/etc. My sister is gluten free (and mostly soy free) so we were getting pretty¬†creative with our food ideas.¬†I snapped all the pictures of the food before the guests came.¬† Last week, my family was hitting our freezer and fridge¬†pretty hard to make some room¬†and we¬†ordered take out twice to make things easier on ourselves! Phew!¬† I am feeling very happy and relieved¬†– now¬†if I¬†can just relax for a few days until my kids MUPPET BIRTHDAY BLOWOUT this coming Sunday! ūüôā

Yes, Sunday’s baby shower was a smashing¬†success, if I may say so! The shower theme was woodland animals… owls, foxes, etc.¬† So we had all kinds of cute munchies and eats.¬† Check out all the awesome¬†stuff we all made!

This is the "tree of advice" where we all clipped cards written with our own motherly words of wisdom. My mother made each and every one of the little leaf clips!

homemade baked corn tortilla "owl" chips

Thanks to my oldest sister, the martha stewart of our family... She made a bunch of these beautiful tissue-paper pompoms (which I am keeping up until after the next party and then recycling them).

My sister also made these incredibly cute “mushrooms” made of tomato and mozzerella (not vegan)…

The tomato and mozzeralla "mushrooms" (not vegan) were so adorable!

AND these super cute chocolate covered cherry mice.   I really need to find a way to get a hersheys kiss mold so I can make these vegan at some point. They were amazing.

These chocolate-covered cherry mice were a hit! If only they made vegan hershey's kisses!

My mom whipped up three kinds of sugar cookies (regular, vegan, and gluten free)¬†shaped as owls, moose, bears, rabbits, etc. They were really cute too… and absolutely delicious!¬† I am waiting for her to send me her vegan¬†recipe so I can make some muppet sugar¬†cookies for my kids party next week!

Of coarse, we had chips & salsa, hummus & veggies, and a mixed organic fruit bowl… the usual party staples…¬† I must also¬†brag that¬†we also used all recycled paper products and compostable silverware… This was a seriously green party ūüôā

In this next picture, you can see my deviled v’eggs (tofu “egg” salad inside of silken tofu squares)… and in front of them, are¬†the “pinecone” crackers (brown rice crackers with tofutti cream cheese and slivered almonds).

I also made a big pitcher of fresh¬†carrot-apple-ginger juice ¬†with my juicer.¬† You cant beat freshly juiced juice!¬† Mmmmmm!!¬† It was gone so fast I didn’t even get a picture¬†because the¬†pitcher was practically empty!

And of coarse, no party is complete without cupcakes.¬† These were the “Chocolate Freedom Cupcakes with Vegan (soyfree) Buttercream Frosting”.¬† I used the gluten-free chocolate cupcake¬†recipe from the cookbook “vegan cupcakes rule the world”.¬† They were awesome!! They¬†were made¬†by using a¬†blend of different gluten-free¬†flours – quinoa, white rice and tapioca.¬† If you dont have this cupcake cookbook, I consider it a must-have.¬† Buy it.¬† Now.

Chocolate vegan (& gluten free) cupcakes with soy-free vanilla vegan buttercream frosting. And of coarse, the cute stick was made by my sister Martha - I mean Jenny ūüėČ

Of coarse, we had to thank our guests for coming with a thank you basket full of goodies!  Our thanks consisted of a Larabar raw food bar (or in some cases, a Luna bar), an organic (vegan) lollipop, a homemade laminated owl bookmark, a pack of flowers (to plant in the container itself come spring), & a packet of green tea and a packet of chamomile tea.  I had actually made birdseed ornaments to hang outside, but they didnt make the cut.  Better luck with those next time!

Several of the¬†recipes seen¬†here are¬†already on my blog (v’egg salad &¬†hummus)¬†and some are simple and just easy to throw together (like the tomato/mozzarella shrooms for the non-vegans or the pinecone crackers) and some are soon to come¬†(like vegan sugar cookies &¬†cupcakes).

One of my friend’s just had a baby, so we are helping them out by making them a vegan lasagna for dinner one night next week, so I will be sharing my vegan lasagna and tofu ricotta recipe in the next few days too.

Make sure not to miss my upcoming blog about my¬†kid’s muppet party! There will be lots of funny muppety snacks and crafts!


Cakes, Cupcakes and Birthdays

Sometimes raising vegan kids can be a challenge… for example,¬†like when we’re going to¬†a birthday party.¬† I never felt comfortable bringing my kids their own piece of vegan cake to eat (the last thing I want is for them to feel alienated) nor did I want to tell them they¬†“can’t” have any cake or ice cream that everyone else is eating.¬† (In fact, I once allowed my children to have a cupcake at a friend’s birthday party before that contained real butter in the frosting¬†– and they didnt¬†die! hahaha) But seriously, my family is¬†vegan for a reason (or several), and naturally I also want my children to feel part of the group and not feel like¬†some kind of¬†vegan weirdo.¬† My older child, who is almost 4,¬†loves animals and understands why we don’t eat meat or dairy, nor does she want to (at this time).¬† Hopefully she will continue on the vegan (or at least vegetarian) path on her own as she grows up.¬† My little man is almost 2 so we¬†haven’t had “the vegan talk”¬†yet!¬† He basically eats anything he’s given (when I’m lucky).
So… anyway,¬†my solution to this birthday cake dilemma¬†is to bring an entire¬†batch of vegan cupcakes along for anyone who wants one.¬† I must say, this has always gone over smashingly well. This also introduces others to how delicious vegan¬†food can be!
The last party I went to (which was about 2 weeks ago),¬†I had to grab aside my kids 2¬†cupcakes because my vegan cupcakes were flying off the table before the other cake was even cut!¬† And honestly, I really enjoy bringing and baking cupcakes!¬† I usually use a recipe from my favorite cupcake cookbook (pictured below) called Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.¬† There are SO many recipes I want to try!!!¬† In fact, I’ve¬†made the cookies & cream cupcakes¬†more than once because they are sooo good!

These are the cookies and cream cupcakes (an addition to the basic chocolate cupcake recipe). They contain smashed up Newman-Os in the batter and icing, and one on top.

For my daughter’s third birthday, I baked¬†the “chocolate death cake” (recipe by The Grit, a “famous” Athens vegetarian restaurant) in the shape of Minnie Mouse for her party.¬†

Here is the baked cake, popped out of the pan and cooling...

¬†Making the cake¬†was really easy!¬† The icing part was trickier, but it wasn’t too hard & I thought it was lots of fun piping the icing.¬† This was the first character cake I ever¬†made and I have to say I think I totally rocked it! I made my own icing¬†and used a piece of an Airhead candy for Minnie’s bow & tongue.¬† Do I even have to say how much everyone loved it?!¬† I impressed myself!

All finished! What a beauty!

I also made my¬†son had a Pluto cake for his first birthday.¬† I found the pan on Amazon online and it was perfect because it was small, so it was his own personal cake.¬†¬†It’s¬†more of the older version of Pluto than the newer one, and I think it turned out really cute!
I also made other dog-related “treats” (no pun intended)¬†to go along with it, and hearts too,¬†because my son’s birthday happens to be on Valentine’s Day ūüôā

Here are the other sweets I made to accompany the Pluto cake... vegan rice krispy treats, chocolate heart cupcakes and sugar cookie hearts & bones, plus vegan truffles & chocolate covered banana chips (thank you EarthFare for the last 2)!!

As you can probably tell, I love baking sweets & character cakes are my more recent challenge… and they¬†can all easily be made vegan!¬† Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise!¬† I highly recommend that cupcake cookbook I¬†mentioned above.¬† I use the basic¬†vanilla & chocolate cupcake recipes¬†a lot¬†& there are tons of awesome frosting recipes in there too!¬† It is a vegan must-have!