Alas… all of these pets have crossed the rainbow bridge except for one – Henson! However, I have a whole new furry family!! Stay tuned for some updated pictures soon! Love ~ Your Vegan Neighbor (July 1, 2021)

These are my lovely animal companions!  I hope you are as lucky as I am to have such amazing loving animals in your life.  They are constant reminders to me of unconditional love & why I went vegetarian many years ago.  I love (& personally agree with) the bumpersticker that says: IF YOU HAVE ANIMALS CALLED PETS, WHY DO YOU EAT ANIMALS CALLED DINNER?

My beautiful kitty, Alice, who found US in 2005. She’s the best kitty ever! I have got to find a better picture of her!

Winona (aka D.D.) is 8. She is Lizzie’s little sister. She has a lot to say and she is very protective of the family.

Henson, our baby, is named after the great Jim Henson. Henson’s favorite past times are running around like a maniac & chewing up the kids plastic figurines!

Lizzie, our oldest baby. She is 9.  She’d be an ideal dog to base a comic strip on… you’d have to know her to know why that is!  She Craaazy! 

The late great Xavier & Bella… They mainly grew up together and after Bella passed, Xavier passed not long after. I really think he was heartbroken ~ XOXO

Our dogs love each other very much!

Here they are just hanging’ in the backyard, sniffing some fresh air!  Good doggies!


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